Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Series and NBA locks

Quite the sports night tonight. Game 1 of the much awaited world series in New York and many opening season NBA games.

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NBA LOCK October, 28th 2009
Orlando Magic -10

The magic are home tonight against the 76ers. Many already forget that the Magic won the East last year! Plus they added a huge threat in Vince Carter. The sixers are still a mediocre team at best. Gotta love the magic to win easily tonight in Orlando.

World Series 2009 Game 1 lock:
Over 7.5

Sabathia vs Lee on paper seems to be a pitchers duel, however don't forget about the potency of these two offenses, and that short porch in right at Yankee Stadium. Lee has been stellar since joing the Phillies, but as most pitchers that go from AL to the NL they do the same. Lee is back pitching against the AL and it will show tonight. Still betting on CC to show some sort of sign of human life. Either way this will go over tonight. Take it.

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  1. nice pick w orlando. too bad vc sucks. not a single rebound in 26 min. pathetic